Bau 17 Munich


I had an interesting couple of days in Munich a few weeks ago at the BAU Fair. Here are just a few things I saw that I liked and might interest you


Our partners FECO presented their future-orientated office concept, made up of five room zones specifically created for successful working environments. These included areas for concentration, communication, team working, inspiration and meeting.

FECO had several new ideas they presented, including FECOphon S40, a highly effective material-lined sound absorber used in conjunction with the FECOplan all-glass system. Redesign of their FECOfix glass door which can now achieve a 42 dB rating, this door can be used in all FECO systems. Other innovations included triple glazed EI30 fire protection system, and timber veneer finish to the FECOstruct system.

Glazed Partitions, Coloured Glass

FECO stand at Bau 17

You can see more details on FECO’s own website


Ottostum – Distinctive steel window systems

A version of “crittall” style glazing very prevalent in interior designs at the moment. Although unlike other systems on the market this one is steel and it does use a genuine post and transom frame rather than just stick on bars. The systems can accommodate single or double glazing, hinged pivot and sliding doors and can be free standing or fixed to floors and soffits. The framework is in steel or bronze so distinctive distressed or worn finishes can be achieved.

It is ideal for historic building refurbishment, warehouse conversions or interiors where an industrial aesthetic is the brief.

Crittal stlye glazing, office partitions, steel finish, bronze finish

Crittal Style Glazing from Ottostum

You can find more details here


Metalglas Bocomi

Metal Glas make a wide range of glass fittings for all types of installations. We particularly liked their invisible range which is specifically designed to recess sliding tracks into ceilings for a frame free look. Also interesting were framed sliding glass doors and telescopic sliding screen

We’re looking at how we can integrate these innovations with our own glazed partition systems so if you would like to be involved with this please feel free to contact us.

Glazed partitions, office partitions, sliding doors, glass doors

Recessed glass sliding door track


Aluminium door frames for drywall

Alumin impulse produce a range of aluminium door frames for use in drywall or other solid partitions. The frames take a range of door types and are adjustable for different wall thicknesses. Using these frames on your project will mean you can get a similar appearance between the doors and frames in drywall and those in your glazed partitions.

Aluminium door frame, office partitions, doors

Aluminium door frame detail

More details here


Renz Systeme

Renz make a number of different acoustic panel solutions but of most interest are their silent room systems. Using a combination of reflective and absorbent surfaces these rooms keep the sound within the space without the need for doors. These can be made as room in room systems and are ideal for interview rooms, phone booths small meetings and the like.

Office partitions, glazed partitions, phone booths, work rooms, meeting rooms

Room in Room systems


Consult us

At Vosseler UK we’re looking at how best to use these new products and systems and how we integrate them into our current office so if you have any views or you’d like to consult us about them please feel free to contact us by phone of through our website






Acoustic Performance of Office Partitions

When we look at office acoustics and acoustic separation between offices & meeting rooms we often see lots of values quoted for acoustic insulation but what do these really mean?

We’re going to look at some terms and concepts such as sound reduction indices, indirect or flanking transmission, background noise and speech privacy to see how these interact and affect the real performance of office partitions on site.

Sound reduction index

Well, one of the most common numbers you’ll see is an Rw value. This stands for weighted sound reduction index. It’s a value for the laboratory measurement of the sound reduction performance of a particular building element. It usually only applies to the building element that has been tested, ie a particular partition or ceiling construction or type. As such its best use is to compare one building element or type of construction with another. Continue reading